John Polvino


CP&I was founded in 1993 with the promise to give our customers the type of service, pricing and value they needed in order to grow their business.

You expect our end product to be great-- and that’s what you will get.

You expect our service to be better than anyone else-- and that’s what you’ll get as well.

You expect to be treated like a friend--with courtesy, eagerness to help, and someone who pays attention to detail--and that’s the team at CP&I.

We’ve eliminated unnecessary costs and will pass those savings to you. Our model is pretty simple and it works.

  • We use house stocks--those great looking sheets that are readily available and we run day in and day out. This helps keep inventory costs super low and results in cost saving for you.
  • We ask for hi-res PDF files that are print ready and already proofed. Sending you back a PDF of the PDF you sent is costly. By eliminating this practice, we’re able to better schedule our commitments and deliver on time – every time.
  • We get paid before we ship--just like the big box places. Reducing our accounts receivables allows us to pass the advantage that gives us back to you in the form of ultra-competitive pricing. Call me today at 877-832-1200 to get started making MORE money, making MORE sales, and worrying LESS. Register to use our easy ON LINE pricing tool today.

John A. Polvino

PS: I’m so confident in my team I’ll offer a 100% guarantee of my end product. You don’t like it- for whatever reason- we’ll reprint it. No questions, no hassle. Try that out with the big box guys!!




If you resell print as a broker, design agency, or printer register with CP&I and enjoy super competitive rates that help you earn more sales and increased commissions.

Simply complete the sign up request and send it in. Within 24 hours our team will review and send you a password that gives you the on line pricing tools to use but with wholesale discounts built in.

As an exclusive trade partner you enjoy:

  • Very low pricing--make more money, make more sales
  • 100% account protection--we have no direct sales outside our home market (Buffalo, NY) so you can be assured we’ll NEVER call on your accounts
  • Net 15 day credit terms with a completed credit application including a credit card number securing the order

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John PolvinoJohn Polvino, President & CEO of CP&I is the founder. Starting Digital Print Services in late 1993 as the first “print on demand” company in Western New York, John has 25 years of print and marketing experience. Taking DPS and growing, plus several strategic acquisitions, the new company became today’s CP&I.

Besides CP&I, John is involved with many Western New York organizations that help promote a better place to live and work. He is a past President of the Rotary Club of Buffalo, Past President of Lutheran Church Home of Buffalo Foundation, Past Vice President of the Buffalo Junior Chamber of Commerce. In addition, John is currently an active director of the Buffalo Renaissance Foundation and chair of local outreach for the BRF. He also is on the Board of Directors of Goodwill Industries of Buffalo.

Reach John today at 716.597.0100 or 877.832.1200 or via email.

Zack PolvinoZach Polvino is the second generation to work at CP&I. You could say he’s CP&I 2.0…

Zach’s role in the company is pretty much unlimited- he’s involved in customer service, day to day management, production oversight and coordination- you name it and he’s doing it.

Reach Zach today at 716.597.0100 or 877.832.1200 or via email.