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CP&I is a direct mail marketing specialist. Like our tag suggests, we help the small companies that have no place to turn to in order to create, produce and implement a solid marketing program built around postcards. The stuff some people call “Junk Mail,” we call smart advertising dollars. 37% of all consumer dollars spent are done so because of direct mail.  It out-pulls all other media.

Why postcards?

  1. It’s immediate. Your prospect sees and touches the piece before deciding what action to take. Email simply does not have that chance. Satellite radio has changed how commercials are measured and DVR totally changed the game in the TV world.
  2. Because there is no SPAM filter -- it’s  MEASURABLE AND TRACKABLE.  YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHO GOT YOUR CARD AND EXACTLY who responded. Armed with that information, we can help you refine your marketing and help you spend less but generate more!!
  3. It’s scalable. Send out as many or a few as you like. No other marketing media can do that! Target neighborhoods, specific demographics, etc.

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    Postcards (or any other printed mailing piece) are the ONLY tools you have to focus where and who sees your message. 

Who can use this?

Any business that sells a product or service!  This is really true for those folks selling directly to the consumer. HVAC Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, Insurance, Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Sales, Automotive Sales & Service Dealers, etc. The list is never-ending. The best way to find out is to call us at 877-832-1200 or 716-597-0100. Our team of experts can help guide you through the process to see if this is right for you!

Is it hard?

NO!! In fact, we have taken all the hassle and stress out of the deal. Using our predesigned templates that are customized for you, we eliminate the cost of a designer or advertising agency. Next, we provide you the best data possible with a 94% or better deliver rate. Third, we print and mail the job for you. You simply write one check -- no hidden fees that pop up, no additional work to do, nothing. Your job is to answer the phone and convert the lead to a sale.

I’ve heard Direct Mail doesn’t work!!

That simply is just NOT true- and I can prove it. In fact, click here and I’ll send you "The Myths and Facts About Direct Mail." Or, if you prefer the phone, call me at 877-832-1200 or 716-597-0100.



How it works

It’s easy! Use our predesigned cards or have us custom design one for you.

Next, we print the job in house to maintain quality and guarantee speedy delivery into the mail.

Using the specifically tailored mailing list we create just for you, we address and deliver your postcards to the US Post Office. Our team will work to find you the right lists to get you the right customers.

Maybe you don’t need a mailing list. That’s great! We’ll run and deliver to the Post Office and take advantage of the low postage under the Every Door Direct Mail program. Tell a block, a neighborhood or whole areas that your open and ready to do business!



ROI Calculator

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John PolvinoJohn Polvino, President & CEO of CP&I is the founder. Starting Digital Print Services in late 1993 as the first “print on demand” company in Western New York, John has 25 years of print and marketing experience. Taking DPS and growing, plus several strategic acquisitions, the new company became today’s CP&I.

John recognized that like all other small companies, consistent and constant marketing was the key to success. CP&I’s own efforts has kept it growing through good times and bad. But John also recognized that most small companies just became frustrated at the process. Hiring a designer, acquiring good deliverable data, getting the job printed and mailed was simply too much for most owners of small business. Through John’s leadership, CP&I developed a unique platform that eliminates all the frustration and, instead, offers a consistent method to grow sales and gain “ customers for life.”  

Besides CP&I, John is involved with many Western New York organizations that help promote a better place to live and work. He is a past President of the Rotary Club of Buffalo, Past President of Lutheran Church Home of Buffalo Foundation, Past Vice President of the Buffalo Junior Chamber of Commerce. In addition, John is currently an active director of the Buffalo Renaissance Foundation and chair of local outreach for the BRF.

Reach John today at 716-597-0100 or 877-832-1200 or via email.


Zack PolvinoZach Polvino is the second generation to work at CP&I. You could say he’s CP&I 2.0…

A recent graduate of Buffalo State College, Zach is bringing youthful energy, technical understanding, and a fresh perspective to the company. Zach worked on the floor for years while at school, so he knows how hard it can be meeting the demands of customers. Understanding that, Zach has been instrumental in the development and implementation of CP&I’s Postcard Marketing program. As Production Coordinator, Zach is busy making sure the wheels of CP&I keep turning.

Zach is always available to meet. Besides CP&I, he’s pretty busy in the community serving numerous organizations including the Buffalo Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycee’s). His passion is helping others reach their goals and he can help you too!

Reach Zach today at 716-597-0100 or 877-832-1200 or via email.